Coffee and Health

The controversy over the effect of coffee (mainly its caffeine) is not new. There are those who claim coffee to be a cure all and those who condemn coffee as monstrous carcinogen. Consumption of coffee has gone up and down depending on which side has more influence at the time.

As early as the beginning of the 11th century, Arabian philosopher Avicenna wrote about the medicinal benefits of the drink Bunchum, believed to be coffee. Ever since the 17th century when coffee started to penetrate the European market the businesses promoting coffee, and those that were losing business to coffee were engaged in propaganda for and against the health effects of coffee. Even today scientific researchers are coming up with beneficial or harmful effects of drinking coffee. For example, studies have looked at heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, miscarriages. Some of the researchers are supported by coffee businesses, others by competitive industries like bottled water.

Coffee in moderation invigorates the mind and puts one in better spirits. Consumed in moderation it may be beneficial to the body. But, we are in the coffee business. Books have been written on the health effects of coffee. We suggest that you freshen your mind with a cup of coffee and read the books from the suggested reading section.