The Region

Driving north from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, over roads which are badly in need of repair, you see remnants of a war torn country that is only beginning to rebuild it's political, social and economic infrastructure. But the country itself is so beautiful, that it cannot help but lift your soul and spirit. Nicaragua has many vast natural resources. At one time in history it was the largest producer of grains, beans, and many vegetables in Central America. In the highlands, the fertile rich soils and temperate climates are ideal for producing high quality gourmet coffee. The coffee is grown at approx. 1200 to 1400 meters above sea level in the Matagalpa region. Travel through the area for work or to visit the 9 committee groups that contribute to the Matagalpa organic coffee, during the rainy season, is possible only by four wheel drive.

The People

In the small native coffee producing communities life has been and is still very hard, but their faces show hope now, even smiles and laughter are evident at times. Until recently, these native people could not make many advancements or progress towards improving their lives. Today there is opportunity to bring some independence and a better future for these remote communities and organic coffee growers are receiving training, technical support and management that will help them develop that independence. This is all possible because of the development and support of this certified organic coffee project.

The Coffee

The coffee trees are mostly of the older Bourbon variety with some Caturra and a small amount of Catuai. The coffee is certified organic, shade grown by OCIA Iinternational (The Organic Crop Improvement Association). And this group of organic coffee producers are in their third year of organic certification. The complex aroma, medium body, slight wineyness and clean finish are unique characteristics that only a great Nicaraguan coffee can offer.

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