Papua New Guinea

Grown in the Morobe district near the villages of Aseki and Menyamya, at elevations between 4500-6000 feet above sea level. Coffee is cultivated on extremely small farms, practically gardens, by thousands of farmers. In most cases coffee is the only source of cash income for the growers: all other land is used to grow food crops for family consumption. All coffee is shade grown and certified by NASAA, an Australian certification agency accredited with IFOAM.

This is a washed coffee with a curious preparation. Deliveries typically feature a mixture of bean sizes. Many beans have a cast of orange and purple on them, in contrast to the uniform bright green of the estate coffees from New Guinea. This appearance is most likely due to the on-farm processing methods of the small farmer. The resultant cup is wilder and fruitier than other New Guinea coffees, as well as heavier in body but slightly lower in acidity.

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