Coffee Museum for Local Farmers in Guatemala

Date: April 21st, 2003 Photos: 8

Opening of Museum Lot of speeches. (tradition of Guatemala) and food etc. Here I am thanking every one for their support in the project.

Opening of Museum (continue) Here are some local farmers who came from miles away for the opening.

Technico of Talita Kumi using the museum as a class room to teach Museum served a great purpose for teaching the students as well as farmers of the nearby communities.

some views of the museum Most materials were in Spanish, Queqchi (Mayan language) and English. We also made videos in Spanish and Queqchi.

some more of museum

End of museum tour Hope you enjoyed it. Most materials were purchased from SCAA. Some were donated by Bellissimo, and others.

Coffee museum at Talita Kumi. One of the projects I undertook was to make a coffee museum at Talita Kumi so people can come and learn about various aspects of coffee history, production, marketing etc. We also set up a Hearth Ware sample roaster, a coffee grinder and coffee maker so farmers can learn how their product is consumed in USA. Cupping area was also set up.

Gun and Naren with Roaster We are standing next to our roaster.